Whether you’re a devoted wine aficionado or simply a casual fan, if you are lucky enough to find yourself here, touring Umbria’s wine roads is a must. There are four wine roads, each one tracing ancient Roman roads over rolling green hills and through enchanting villages en route to some of the finest wineries in Umbria.


Sun-drenched hills conspire with Trasimeno Lake to create a perfect micro-climate for growing vineyards and olive groves. Along this road, you’ll discover the landscapes that helped inspire the work of Renaissance artists like Pietro Vannucci. Your journey winds along the edge centuries-old woods and passes through fields of wheat and sunflowers.


You can walk, ride, cycle or drive through the municipalities of Torgiano, Marsciano, Perugia, Todi, Bettona, Cannara, Spello and Assisi to discover beautiful landscapes that change with the seasons. Experience award winning wines, unique local dishes and lively cultural traditions.


This road gets its name from the Sagrantino grape, a highly regarded vine that grows on Montefalco’s slopes. Travel the vineyards and olive groves of these hills and you’re sure to find numerous opportunities to enjoy great food and art. Along the way, you’ll explore ancient villages, castles, churches and abbeys.


Journey through Orvieto’s hills to find the ancient vineyards along its high cliffs. The main route of this wine road is divided between two wine producers–Orvieto and Amelia. Orvieto is well known for its outstanding white wines: Orvieto Classico and Orvieto Classico Superiore, as well as two reds–Orvietano and Lago di Corbara. Amelia boasts two excellent whites–Colli Amerini and Malvasia and a trio of reds–Rosso Superiore, Rosato and Novello.